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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 27, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it's friday, june 27th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." well good morning to you, happy friday, thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. investigators spending the night looking for a gunman in berkeley. police were called to the area in austin way just before 10:00 last night. the victim only identified as a 38-year-old man was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition this morning. and it's unclear, so far, what led up to that shooting. also new this morning, firefighters in san jose were called to davis intermediate school to put out an overnight fire. it's unclear what was on fire but crews reported seeing smoke coming out of the auditorium. no major damage. it is part of the oak grove school district and students are out for summer break. well this morning golden gate bridge officials will vote
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on whether to move forward with plan farce suicide barrier on the bridge. a live look at the bridge. some people worry would lose its beauty if the plan is approved. nannette miranda is live near the bridge with more on the vote today, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the golden gate bridge districts are poised to approve $20 million today to put up cable, a steel cable net to hang beneath the span, it's the local share of a $76 million project that already includes funding from the state and federal government. if approved, it would be a major step in the decades long debate over kwl suicide barriers should be put up or not. families of suicide victims believe they would help while opponents say the nets won't prevent people from finding other ways to take their lives on the bridge. since the golden get bridge opened in 1937, more than 1400 people have left to their -- leapt to their death including
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46 suicides last year. kevin heinz survived. he's been pushing for this day. >> beautiful, majestic, but, a harbinger of death, it'll no longer be. with the allocation of these funds by all of you to raise the net at the golden gate bridge, we are putting a stop to 77 years of needless deaths and survivor family devastation. >> reporter: sacramento lawmakers approved this state's share a couple of weeks ago saying the bridge is a symbol of beauty and grace and should no longer be associated with suicide. suicide barriers have apparently worked on other bridges in the world. these ones should be put up if approved by 2018. live at the golden gate bridge, nannette miranda, "today in the bay."
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>> thank you. 5:02, man who was once considered federal agent of the year is now facing up to 20 years in prison accused of stealing on the job. investigators say san jose senior postal inspector kwaun howard would tell employees when items were celebrated from the package pg. when they arrived back at the postoffice, he reportedly stole them. authorities set up surveillance cameras to catch him in the act. he is facing several charges including destroying mail, mail theft, and possession of stolen mail. he's accused of stealing gift cards, pills, cash, and two silver bars. in light of the recent stowaway case, national safety group made several recommendations to increase security at san jose international. the group looked at everything from operational procedures to where they can enhance security around the prem ster. -- perimeter. more heavy duty raiser wire on top of the fence and using more complex alarms. this of course in response to the 15-year-old santa clara boy
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who hopped aboard an airplane after going over the fence. he stowed away in a wheel well of a jet in april. he made it all the way to hawaii safely, he's now back in the bay area. happening today, cal will hold al news conference this afternoon to announce its interim athletic director. sandy barber will step down. she will transition to academics working in a sports management program on campus. she has been charge of sports at cal since the fall of 2004. making her one of the longest tenured lick it directors in the pack 12. former student athlete is her replacement. hundreds of out thises of people expected to be in san francisco this weekend for the city's annual gay pride celebration. stephanie chuang joins us live at pier 54, organizers putting the final touches on the floats this year. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, good morning to you, scott. rush is on to do all those
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finishing touches. we're here at pier 54 where you see floats behind me. the one behind it seems to me facebook, gorgeous. this one is bay barefoot bubbly. we have more than 200 different groups actually involved in the parade. that starts on sunday. the event starts on saturday, now this year's theme, color our world with pride, prepping the floats, they have 48 hours, again, to make all those finishing touches in time for sunday's parade down market street. builders say the number of float sponsors is up from last year. showing that the tides are turning in terms of recession. they add there are new faces joining the fun this year. >> facebook and google. southern health, kaiser hospital which has been an old standby for the parade for years. now we have many newcomers wanting to get involved in the parade. >> reporter: making this extra special for many pride supporters is we hit the 100 years -- one year anniversary of
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the defensive marriage act, that was on june 26, 2013. the court's decision was that it did not have the authority to rule. so the only standing zigts was john vaughnwalker who had three years earlier struck down the california ban on same-sex marriage. parade supporters supporting the doma decision to refuse recognizing same-sex marriages that were legal in other states and a law that barred same-sex married couples from getting federal marriage benefits. back here live, you're looking at one of the, looks like it's done. the beautiful float that the says pride and soul. one of the float buildings, emily, will be joining us in a little bit, but she just got here a few minutes ago to take care of some of the last minute touches. she was unveiling so this so we could take a look this morning. we'll talk about what goes into prepping these large floats here in just a little bit. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> the design looks impressive,
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thanks steph. i bet christina loren has a pride day forecast. >> i do, in fact we're going to show the you the parade route going down market street if you want to check that out or avoid the area because of the traffic nightmare that will ensue. i can tell you though, this year, it'll be spectacular throughout to view that parade. 71 degrees. 1:00 p.m. beautiful conditions out there. i can tell you it's really good that they're having this on sunday as opposed to saturday because temperatures are going to be chilly on saturday. we're going to have that drizzle. sew sunday is your beach day, and that's the day to check out that parade, really comfortable conditions. 59 degrees in livermore, 59 in san jose. 60 in mountain view. you're waking up at 59 degrees in san francisco this morning. we have a lovely day shaping up for you, more sunshine, gradual warming on the way, and a beautiful weekend. we're going hold on to comfortable levels for saturday and then those numbers sore as we take you into your sunday. so for today, upper 70s coming your way, that's hard to beat as we are just days away from the kickoff of gum.
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79 degrees in the south bay. 77 in the peninsula. 68 degrees in san francisco today. 72 right at room temperature for the east shore. and 81 degrees in the tri-valley. where the alameda county fair is happening. we'll have the forecast for that and tell us what else is happening. big events you won't to want miss. forecast in moments. right now let's get you out the front door, say hello to mike inouye. hello, if you're traveling through the tri-valley this weekend, stay for the forecast because it'll depend on the temperatures which day you pick. i'll tell you that. westbound 580 shows a smooth slow down as you're building that volume. eastbound, earlier construction crews we saw as you approach el charro, they have cleared from the view. look at the maps, we are talking further east around ids bell, westbound reports of a car that has stalled, eastbound counterkplut and not really a problem, i'll let you know about activity and we'll track that. also further back as you're coming out of the pass right behind the 205 shield banking
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commuters, we do have a fender bender there. no injuries, but a distraction, this could potentially hold folks back up here and keep livermore clearer. we're watching that as the commute is building coming out of that area. being a friday, we have a lighter flow and later build. no problems for the south bay peninsula. let's look at the foster city side. as you're approaching the peninsula, 92 an easy light drive here. and also in through san francisco. the bay bridge, let's look at that also, oakland side, we have low clouds, but really not a concern as far as the drivers are going. here easy drive off the curve and all the way into san francisco, back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 5:09, this morning unsealing grand jury testimony. we are live in san jose, and the transcripts could be
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interesting. >> reporter: good morning laura, that's right, many people are hoping to know what those transcripts say because up to this point, all we've heard is that the superior court has sealed those transcripts, but there may be new evidence. today a judge will decide whether to keep them sealed or move forward. it's an important date for the family and they're hoping the case against her alleged killer will take a step forward. torres is accused of kidnapping and killing the 20-year-old in 2012 although her body was never found. sierra vanished march of 2012. garcia torres was linked to he were disappearance when his dna was found on articles of sierra's clothing which was found two days after she disappeared in a field near her home. her dna was found in the jetta.
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in february he was indicted by a grand jury and faces charges revenue carjacking involving three other women dating back to 2009. he pled not guilty to all the charges including the kid dmaping and murder of sierra. the santa clara county district attorney announced that they would seek the death penalty for torres depending on today's hearing, the trial could be set as early as september. live in san jose, "today in the bay." >> all right, thank you very much. 5:11, finally get back against texas. what one california lawmaker's promising to do coming up next. standoff between the head of chipotle and a top official in texas. what has the two sides at odds. nbc bay area honored with excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting, and public service in television journalism. all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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you're watching "today in the bay." good friday morning to you, and good morning san jose. look at that sunrise back there, what a gorgeous way to start off the end of our workweek. well for some folks. 5:14 right now. bitcoin worth about $17.5 million will be part of an auction drive the u.s. marshals office today. they were seetzed from the operator of silk road, an join line -- online black market. 144,000 bit coins received but only a fifth on sale today. the scarcity of bit coin determines its price. if you are in circulation, the more it is worth. goog the started erasing search results from the internet, at least from the european union or at least links to them. the company started offering a
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tool to people in the eu allowing them to search for the redacted. this after the eu courts ruled people do have the right to quote be forgotten. provided there's no public interest in the information. the ruling affects 28 nations in the eu. its worked around to clock to comply with that ruling. google owned youtube is offering new tools to fix up your video. among your features, link to fans to make donations. charlie's always doing that, isn't he? users can submit titles to other people. people can better manage videos and phones as well. new app available in a few weeks. well for a quick check of the markets, mary thompson is live, good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. looking ahead to this morning on wall street on wall street futures are lower. stocks ended in the red
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yesterday. economic data made cuts for the second quarter and a top fed official says interest rates could rise sooner than expected. stocks are set for mixed week when they're closed but it is on track for five straight monthly gains. today we get data on consumer sentiment and yesterday's session we saw the dow fall 21 points 16,846. the nasdaq lifted a fraction, back to you. >> meanwhile, gopro doing fine. 30% yesterday. >> yeah, not bad stock for the san mateo-based company. not a bad start to our morning as well. sunrise already gorgeous. >> it's pretty out there, good morning to you, happy friday to you at home, it is 5:16 now. thanks for waking up with us. big bay area weekend shaping up and it's not going to be a too hot. we have triple digits in the extended forecast. we're going to talk about that coming up. i want will to let you know that soon enough it will be hot.
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temperatures are comfortable, it's crisp out there. good air quality from the rare june rain that came through at this time yesterday morning. as a result, plenty of onshore flow and low cloud cover moving all the way inland. the flow is strong and that marine layer has pressed all the way passed -- past the san francisco this morning. we're tuning cloudy as we speak. today though, more sunshine on the way for this afternoon, gradual warming as well. couple degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday and a beautiful evening once again you can open up the windows in your home, beautiful, beautiful breeze shaping up for us tonight. now take a look at this the awesome picture coming in from the south bay right now. there's the marine layer we promised you. as we head throughout the next couple hours, the sky is going to turn mostly cloudy. we'll be able to show you that on "today in the bay." beautiful temperatures for you indoors or outdoors today. probably don't need the ac. in the south bay, 79 degrees, 77
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along the peninsula. 66 in san francisco today. and 82 degrees out in the north bay with steady warming on the way, all the way through monday. we're going raech 90 degrees in san jose by monday. that's peek warm for us, but not all that much cooler as we get into your tuesday. here's the deal. i want to show you the trend for the north bay. it'll stay above average all the way through next weekend. sop this heat's going to stick with us for a while. enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts. the bay area and the beach forecast in just a few moments, right now let's check your drive and welcome in mike inouye. welcome to the friday morning commute which is lighter and later builded to that commute, but we will have a back-up nonetheless. right now we've turned our camera over towards the berkeley curve. we're looking at omniriville and folks coming in from oakland here, right here, this is the berkeley curve heading towards the dole plaza where flost back-up but there's a glow to the lights and looking from emeryvil emeryville, there's clouds in the way.
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we'll look at the maps, same thing, we were facing that way heading towards the maize. little slowing is up the inclien typical. 24, 580 coming through oakland. nice easy drive throughout. look at the speed sensors, green around the bay and typical slight building coming out of livermore and earlier fender bender at 205, we still see slowing there, that's far east for most of the viewers. let's look west as we travel across 92. the san mateo bridge, as you go west across the flat section, the high-rise better visibility across over to the peninsula side than we saw yesterday. same drive. same for 10 and 280. south bay, here's north 101. light build, there's a traffic flow. 87 is still at speed heading through downtown, back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. man injured while searching for two missing orange county hikers is now suing one of the hikers. the volunteer says he fell more than 100 feet off a cliff while
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looking for them. the suit says one of the hikers was unprebhard she went hiking in april of last year and intended to take, hallucinogens while on the trip. she was never charged for the drug use. the other hiker was left out of the lawsuit, medical care has apparently cost the volunteer half a million dollars. chefs and cooks and bartenders, relief this morning. bill to the governor asking him to repeal a law requiring restaurant and bar workers to wear gloves when they handle food. the law's grace period was set to take affect on tuesday, but the new state senate bill gives governor brown enough time to make sure if he wishes it never goes into effect. peninsula city came up with a first ever regulations for massage businesses. all massage therapists will have to be state certified and registered with local police in order to operate in brisbane.
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also new sanitary requirements. brisbane was one of the only to not have regulations for businesses like them. city leaders say the rules are necessary to make sure it does not become a mag innocent for elicit activity. california lawmaker fighting back against texass recent attempt to poach jobs. senator ted gains of roseville will be in tucson meet with business leaders. page right out of rick perry's play,book. you'll reck he was in sacramento. he test drove a tesla electric car. texas trying to convince tesla to build its $5 billion battery plant there, and of course california wants the plan for its south. founder of chipotle could set al beat with the state of texas meanwhile. he's going to speak with the agriculture officials there who are upset over the company's decision to import some of its beef from australia. chipotle made the move due to
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drought conditions in the u.s. which led to the smallest cattle herd in decades. 5:21, south bay teen that's becoming a multimillion air. aaron gordon, pick number four in the nba draft, we'll have more next. the wonder of summer is that
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yoir watching "today in the bay" -- you're watching "today in the bay." happy friday san jose, the sharks are getting ready for the nhl draft. the first round tonight in philadelphia, barring any trades, the san jose sharks will have the 20th pick in the first round. meanwhile, the nba finished up its draft, andrew wiigens picked number one by the cleveland cavaliers after wiigens had a message for free agent lebron james saying i want to win, if he wants to win, we'd be good together. no word on whether cleveland would even take james back during free agency in 2010. james didn't just turn the
5:25 am
cavaliers down, he did it publicly on national television. well also a good morning for san jose star basketball player aaron gordon. >> sfourt pick in the nba draft last night -- he became the fourth pick in the nba draft last night. >> with the fourth pick in the nba draft, the orlando magic select aaron gordon. >> a lot of celebration. friends, family, and all of gordon's basketball coaches from grammar school to high school were at double d sports bar last night to watch their 6'9" superstar get drafted by the orlando magic. one coach called gordon the hardest working basketball player to come out of the high school. >> when you have the guy with the drive of aaron, that comes out in all faculties, he's always communicating, always doing the right thing. >> as impressive as it is, the gordon family has a lot to celebrate lately. aaron's older brother drew was up a few years ago, not picked, but playing in europe and will
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get a shot in the nba summer league. lizzy just graduated from harvard where she played golf for the ivory league school. >> at least two championships. fifa may have suspended suarez for biting. they found a poster baring his teeth so taking selfies with the poster having fun. suarez banned from all soccer-related activities for four months. he'll be banned for snien matches including the remaining world cup. >> which is no laughing matter there. i want to the check the forecast now with christina loren, sun coming up, nice day that we should enjoy. >> oh yeah, oh yay, friday, that makes it more enjoyable already. good morning, temperatures in the 50s. i want to point out the very different sky that you will find throughout the various microclimates of the bay area. south bay at this point, overcast. peninsula right now, we have the
5:27 am
low clouds really thickening up. east bay stam for you, in san francisco, the fog is so thick you can barely make out the city off in the distance, very bottom of the picture you can see city lights. 80 degrees in the east bay for today. 82 in the north bay and 79 degrees in the south bay. i want to tell you about the heat wave coming your way. stick around, that's coming up in the next. oakland where i'll tell you about wave of traffic which will be coming your way even on a friday. right now 880 moves nicely at speed both directions. look at the map, that's at the bottom of the map right here. it sounds like we have to end the traffic report right here.
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bryan stow civil trial in the hands of the jury. the injured giants fan in court to hear the closing arguments. what we could learn today. will they stay or will guy that? whether the rks's are going --
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a's are going to stay at for ten years. happy friday to you, temperatures this morning are really comfortable out there. we're going to see a little bit of a warm-up today, two sides to the weekend i want to tell you about. and then that heat going to crank next week towards record levels. we'll give you the details for your microclimate in just moments. it is friday, those driving into work hitting that snooze button one more time. we'll show you the traffic and the different side that we see. let's see if it's clearer, hey, my voice as well. friday june 27th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." and a good friday morning you, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. man who walks into a san jose hospital with a gunshot wound is
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in critical condition. he was shot near capitol expressway and interstate 680 last night. they don't know who he is, but they know the shooter is still on the loose and the circumstances around the shooting, very murky this morning. we could hear from the bay area man believed to be the master mind behind two websites investigators say advertise postprostitution -- prostitution. they have been shut down by the fbi. he was accused of running the site and another from his mountain view home. both allegedly allowed people to find escorts and review strip clubs. lawyers think he may enter a plea in court today. in a few hours, bridge officials will vote on a plan that could change the scenery in san francisco. a live look at the golden gate bridge, today the outcome of a crucial vote will determine whether a suicide prevention barrier is installed on the bridge. nannette miranda is live near the bridge, nannette, some people have complaints about the plan. >> reporter: well opponents
5:32 am
question whether the plan will work. suicide barriers were actually approved a few years ago, but funding has been an issue. today's vote may actually provide a big piece of that puzzle. golden gate bridge directors are posed to -- poised to spend $20 million for a steel cable net. the state and federal government have already kicked in most of the money for the $76 million project. the local share of $20 million needs an okay. this is a big step in the decade's long debate over whether or not there should be suicide barriers. since the golden gate bridge opened 77 years ago, more than 1400 people have jumped to their deaths. last year set a record with 46 suicides. kevin heinz survived his suicide attempt off the golden gate bridge and has been pushing for deterrence. >> to all of the other organizations, groups, and individuals who have fought for this very day, this exact
5:33 am
success, finally, we are placing a higher value on people's lives than pieces of iron. >> reporter: opponents have said the nets do nothing to prevent people from finding other ways to take their lives on the bridge. while others say the barriers would ruin the beauty of the landmark. it appears the, actually if approved the nets should be in place around 2018. now bridge officials point out that not only do the nets save lives, they also reduce the emotional toll that bridge workers experience having to deal with jumpers. live in the county, nannette miranda for "today in the bay." >> okay nannette, thank you much. juries are deliberates about whether the dodgers are responsible for the beating of giant's fan bryan stow. stow was left brain damage bade beating outside dodgers stadium three years ago and will require around the clock care for the rest of his life. yesterday his attorney put that
5:34 am
cost at $37 million and requested twice as much for pain and suffering. the dodgers put the cost at $9 million. investigators hope surveillance video will help them track down the man who attacked a clerk another a south bay liquor store. look at the video you see the suspect in the black there arguing with the clerk, chucking bottles of liquor at him. this happened last week in stephen's clerk boulevard. the clerk does fight back. he goes after the suspect with a garden tool. the man beat the clerk to the ground. final lay customer does step in, pulls the attacker off and the man gets away. the clerk suffered minor injuries. not sure what caused a hanger full of airplanes to catch fire at half-moon bay. firefighters were able to contain the fire in one area of the hanger. no planes were damaged. the flames broke out last night. firefighters say while they were battling the flame, some sort of
5:35 am
flammable liquid began rolling towards them and caused fire. they managed to put it out before it got too close and luckily no one was hurt. it could be a hectic independence for drivers in san francisco, one of the major arteries will be closed for construction over the july 4th weekend. the area we're talking about, the northbound lanes of interstate 280 closed from highway 101 to fourth street in downtown. the same area where southbound lanes were closed last month. now the closure will allow caltrans to replace a hinge so they can make the freeway safe in an earthquake. it is 5:35 and this morning the group that manages coliseum is expected to approve a contract to keep the a's there for ten years. even if the giant power authorities give the thumb's up for the new lease, the supervisors and oakland city council must approve it. the deal includes an out clause in case the a's are allow to
5:36 am
move to san francisco. giants play at 7:00, let's get our forecast with meteorologist christina loren, good morning. >> good morning. it's going to be nice out there again, but just like last night, you're going to see those flags blowing out towards center field. and yeah that wind fgs strong enough to potentiallily pick up and carry the ball. we had that game here on nbc bay area. you're waking up right, i can tell you temperatures are looking mild out there. 61 degrees for example in mount view. you're at 59 in san francisco. you're waking up with 55 degrees, chillfully half-moon bay, uniform temperatures, very representative of the cloud cover overhead. we're going to see more sunshine this afternoon and gradual warming as high pressure starts to build in. we're really not going to feel the affects of high pressure until sunday. sop today, tomorrow, looking really nice. we're going hold on to the 70s in the south bay, for the peninsula, upper 70s for you and 68 degrees in san francisco. tri-valley today is going to be warm, same for the north bay. the east shore, 72 degrees, that's room temperature, a cool breeze later on today, really
5:37 am
nice day in oakland. that is the choice city to be in today. 82 for the north bay and 81 degrees in the tri-valley. let's talk about where we're headed because i got to tell you, it's going to get hot around here very rapidly, just a preview of next week via your tri-valley trend, look at monday, 99 degrees. we're going to jump very, very quickly. now you know what this means though, whenever we get hot inland, we get spectacular beach conditions. i'll show you those numbers coming up. right now let's welcome in mike inouye. good morning, the family party will be on saturday, not sunday. we're advising the parents. we're here at the bay bridge where we have the cash lanes that are stacking up midparking lot here. this is the parking lot we referred to and know problems for the fast track lanes as you're approaching the area. look at the maps. we're talking about the speed sensors as well. highway 24, 580, 880ing and the warn freeway, can't forget about that. all approaching the bay bridge and heading over in towards san francisco. that's the bulk of the flow.
5:38 am
over here, we have a disabled vehicle reported, west 580, sounds like all lanes are clear, there's mild flowing as you would expect. further back over off the merng with 205 and 580, we have a fender bender around grant line road. sound like the traffic flow past the scene is okay, it's actually the merge that's causing the bigger issue typical again for friday pattern. the rest of your bay moves nicely south bay, no problems for the flow, just a little build 101 at 680. that's over south of the san jose airport and we'll get a look at the roads and the rails in the north bay. smooth drive as well. 101 no delays through san rafael, little slowing through nevada. back to you. a judge could decide whether to unseal grand jury transcripts in the case against antolin garcia torres. he is the man accused of killing sierra lamar. lucero benitez is live with us. we haven't heard this transcript
5:39 am
before. >> reporter: good morning, laura, that's right, many people are waiting to hear what those transcripts contain. we do know there may be new evidence presented, but those are sealed and the superior court and we haven't heard what the evidence is. today a judge will decide whether to keep the transcripts sealed or move forward. it's an important day for sierra lamar's family and their hoping the case will take a step forward and torres is accused of kidnapping and killing the 15-year-old girl in 2012. although her body was never found. sierra vanished march 16th, 2012 as she was walking towards the bus stop in morgan hills. garcia garz's d nas was found on articles of lamar's clothing. in a field near her home. in her bag. her dna was found in the suspect's jet that -- jetta.
5:40 am
he faces charges of kidnapping and carjacking, involving three other women dating back to 2009 and pled not guilty to the charges including the kidnapping and murder of sierra. a district attorney announced they will seek the death penalty, but they do know that that may be a lengthy process. so this morning, the hearing is set for 9:00. if that hearing does move forward and they unseal the transcripts, there could be a trial as early as september. live in san jose, lucero benitez, "today in the bay." >> thank you lucero. 5:40. one year after the president promised immigration reform, changes are still at a standstill on capitol hill. live to washington and find out when something will happen. honor of pride weekend, uber making a special offer to local couples. nbc bay area, honored with three national awards for excellence in breaking news coverage, feature reporting, and public service and television journalism. all from the society of professional journalists. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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you're watching "today in the bay." well exactly one year ago today a group of four democrats and four republicans came up with what they thought was going to be the grand compromise on immigration. since then, its gone absolutely nowhere. tracy potts live on capitol hill this morning where lawmakers say they are frustrated the hope for immigration reform appears to be dead, tracy. >> reporter: yeah, after a year scott looks like this is knot going to get done in the next six months. they've only got six months left until the congress, and within that six months, take out all the breaks and only have a few workweeks. dmts and republicans privately and publicly now acknowledging it's probably not going to happen. so where do we go from here? the administration, the white house says they're looking at other options. yes, the president's already under fire for using executive orders, but they're asking homeland zourt take a look at
5:44 am
what they can do, administratively to change and adjust how we're dealing with immigration in this country. like two year work leases, can they be expanded or slowing down deportation. this weekend, nancy pelosi is leading a group of lawmakers down to texas, southern texas to check out the detention center that's holding children who come across the border without their parents to get a birds eye view of what immigration looks like on the ground, scott. >> tracy potts, so important, thank you much. new details this morning on the joup rising in iraq. the group human rights watch says an analysis of sat slight images proves insurgents executed at least 160 captives earlier this month. it happened in tikrit between june 11th and june 14th. the extremist group isis released pictures claiming to kill the men days later and satellite images approve to prove it. the number of dead could be much higher. new video shows the
5:45 am
aftermath of a gas pipeline explosion in india. in the video, the flames shooting into the sky. taller than the trees and homes nearby. 13 people killed. the pipeline runs through a small village. surrounding areas were evacuated was well. cause of the blast, under investigation. the european union will not impose new sanctions on russia. this comes as secretary of state john kerry is in brusz tols meet with eu leaders. the eu is concerned about russia not pushing separatists to lay down their arms in ukraine, but again, no new sanctions imposed. earlier in the day the ukrainian president signed a trade and economic pact with the eu saying that may make it the most important day for fizz of his country. happening today, san francisco racing to put the finishing touches on this year's gay pride weekend celebration. >> get ready for major traffic issues though. hundreds of thousands are expected to head to the city by the bay.
5:46 am
"today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joins us live in san francisco. looks like sponsorship from silicon valley is up from last year too. >> reporter: yeah good morning laura and scott. i'm taller than usual because i'm cheating, i'm on one of the floats for this year. this is the google float. behind us is the facebook float. that speaks to the tech companies involved. i'm joins with east west, emily, good morning, emily. >> good morning. >> reporter: this is beautiful. first i want to ask about the tech company. it seems there's more involvement. >> yeah, a lot of involvement from the tech companies including facebook and google as you see. then we have some local businesses. it's nice to have their support. >> reporter: more face is the better, more fun. >> absolutely. >> reporter: these are gigantic, i know you start indoors, how many of these, when you started and what goes into this? >> we have 23 floats this year, and they take about two weeks, three weeks, we been working on
5:47 am
them all month, this is my first month. so we start out with the hardwood, we build the floats from the bottom up. and then we start with the floral sheeting, decorating, aye been doing a lot of glittering. my life is basically magical. sprinkle glitter everywhere and we do the finishing touches stuff out here after it's all set up. >> reporter: what's it like taking part in building for pride and i know you were saying a lot of them are intricately designed and those so indoors because they're more delicate. >> the glitter gets everywhere and there's been rainbows and glitter, there's unicorns i think. >> reporter: all right. >> i glittered a piano. >> reporter: thank you emily so much for that. very magical. there are more than 200 people involved are or groups in the parade. this is extra special for this year because this is, we just hit the one-year anniversary of the supreme court decision to strike down both prop 8 and the defensive marriage act. so giving a little more meaning this year. the now the parade is a major
5:48 am
event of course, it's not the only one. tomorrow morning starting at 7:00 until 10:00 in the morning, volunteers will install more than 1756 bright pink canvass and thousands of steel spikes to form the pink triangle, you may have seen it -- >> we lost her -- >> reporter: then at 5:30 at night, we have the pink party, businesses shut down, hundreds pour in for that. and finally of course sunday's parade in the morning on sunday. on market from biel to eighth street. of a lot going on this weekend. and we'll have more coming up on these floats and more from emily and the builders in just a little bit. live from pier 54, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> hey, you can practice your wave while you're there. >> all right stephanie chuang live in san francisco. >> not going to give me one. in honor of pride week, yuber is offering a free honey and wedding service for couples. on the uber app, big a places to
5:49 am
have your wedding tomorrow between noon and 6:00. and if your location is accepted and uber drive will be on the way. bring documents, probably a bride or groom as well. you need to get that marriage, uber and other businesses provide everything else. uber says the whole process should take up to an hour, but it dintd there. after nuptials, your honeymoon already covered with free flights and hotel accommodations. somebody has to be really prepared. you know who is the first person, meteorologist christina loren. you're engaged, you have the groom. >> it's free. >> you guys are pointing out the fact that i'm a cheapskate. >> it's fantastic. we laid down the challenge. >> i'm doing it in hawaii, but i think that is fantastic. i really do. and you know what to everybody who is going to be getting married, you know what, i wish you a beautiful, beautiful future. 5:49, it's a big step. it's a big step.
5:50 am
and i am a cheapskate, it's okay. 52349 livermore, 57 in san martin. never met a sale i didn't like, and speaking of which, i have to tell you this weekend, you're going to be headed out and about. it's going to be warnl. so even more comfortable shopping conditions are going to be in the works finish saturday than sunday when we heat you up. 59 degrees in san francisco. 61 in mountain view and 55 degrees in half-moon bay. taking a live look at the south bay. i told you this was going to happen, i like when it does right on time. you can see here overcast sky, that marine layer is thick and it is moving in quickly. so as we head through, we're going to close the gap of sunlight, then it'll burn off by about 11:00 a.m. mostly sunny in the south bay. east bay, it'll take a while longer. you'll have to wait new mexico noon, and san francisco you'll get about three to four hours. full sunshine for today, but those low clouds will keep you nice and cool. temperatures at 66 degrees.
5:51 am
77 for the peninsula. and the east bay out in the extreme east bay, up to 80 degrees. it'll be warm out thereto. now sunday is a better beach day because of that warm-up we told you about. temperatures are going to be dool on saturday. the clouds will clear by noon on saturday. if you want the sunshine, the big wave, yeah, sunday's your day. let's talk about pride weekend in san francisco because there's going to be a difference dween saturday and sunday here as well. 64 dwroez on saturday. you're going need your sunscreen or saturday, but even more so on sunday when the uv index jumps up. lots of sunday on sunday. 70 degrees out there. it's going to be mild and definitely wild. make sure if you're headed out thereto you're staying alert. a lot of tourists in town. let's talk to mike about the drive. >> you weren't prepared for pride week, get prepared, it's an outstanding nooent san francisco. if you're not prepared for this, you'll be dispointed because we often see the golden gate bridge which is blocked by fog. the drive is okay coming in from
5:52 am
the north bay and look that the, no delays to the city in the city tonight. 7:156, giants play the reds, keep that in mind. postwork traffic and postgame closure, that's at cain street, typical, for new weeks with, that's what's going on there. nevada center, mil valley, all the areas, over in the north bay, west 80 out of fairfielded in towards with the cordelia. there's a crash around travis. be careful. but by the time you hit highway 12, back up to speed. and at the junction you're okay there as well. rest of the bay, sloiing through livermore, just starting a build. just a tiny bit. roads and rails report nothing delays for your systems from the city all the way down into the south bay for these and in the south bay, live look. we'll show you northbound 101. we see a build down, slow down right here at 560 up to mckey from time to time it'll get at little more congested, but so far it's all right, you're great guys, back to you. >> thank you very much. you know giants, they need
5:53 am
to step up the game a little bit. all-star voting closes next week and the dodgers pulling out all the stops including adorable puppies. adrian gorz, and puig made it a point to play with the puppies. you have to be a good player too boys. they are in contention for the all-star game, you have until july 3rded to vote online. that is despite a 1-0 loss to germany. the real hero for team usa porch gam's kris ya know rinaldo, he scored the game winning goal against ghana. that was enough to send them home and the u.s. on to the knockout round. u.s. had the tie breaker advantage. sop what next? u.s. will play belgium on tuesday at 1:00 p.m. belgium won all three in group h. it's the youngest daem left in the world cup with an average age just under 26 years old.
5:54 am
they certainly is skills. 11 on the 23 man roster play for the top club in the british summer league. it is 5:53 right now, fighting back, why one app maker will not heed a cease and desist order, a lot more ahead, stick around.
5:55 am
5:56 am
you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back everyone, it's 5:56, the ceo of the controversial parking app monkey parking says he will not shut down the app despite a cease and desist letter from san francisco. monkey parking allow users to auction off public parking spots as soon as they're about to leave. in a statement released by twitter, the app does not sell
5:57 am
city parking spaces but rather informs people about them. the city has ordered monkey is parking and other similar apps to shut down by mid-july. it is 5:56. a violate attack in a south bay liquor store. police looking for a man who threw bottles at clerks. touching moment at an nba draft. how one prospect able to get picked even though a genetic disorder will keep him off the court.
5:58 am
5:59 am
quick look at the landmark that could be changing forever. key vote in a couple of hours that could change the golden gate bridge. and crucial decision today in the case against a man accused of killing a sierra lamar. and get ready for gridlock as tens of thousands head to san francisco for pride weekend 2014. and we have a good looking
6:00 am
weekend shaping up. today you'll notice a little bit of warm-up as we head through tomorrow. temperatures are going to stay steady, then they sore by sunday. then by -- soar by sunday, then by next week, roller coaster ride to take you on. all your changes for your microclimate in just moments. this is friday at the bay bridge toll plaza. new crash in the south bay. we'll check on san jose coming up. and we'll take you live outside. there's some fog in the city, today is friday, june 27th, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." and a very good friday morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. new details on the uprising in iraq. the human rights watch says an analysis of satellite images proves insurgents executed more than 160 captives earlier they are morning.


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